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Feed The Hungry Campaign

"A lot of people are suffering across the country. One cannot move few kilometers without encountering 3 people begging for alms, children included. Whilst we do not encourage such practice, we cannot in all blame most of them, especially those that are handicapped as our society have not provided a structure that provides for them. We cannot however, rule out the fact that some of these beggars might out rightly be lazy, and therefore have no interest in engaging in a means of livelihood. The continuous presence of these group of people on the streets cause the following:

Continuous loitering and invariably, causing nuisance on the streets Their children being subjected to inhumane and degrading treatment As a way of lending support to these group, EFCD has a yearly programme where we organize an event to feed the less privileged in our community. During the event, we also encourage them to source for a means of livelihood, in order to survive. Why don't you join us?